Dieting + Weight Loss – 14 Secrets!

Diet and Weight Loss

We live in a funny society.  We treasure slim, thin, skinny and we dole out mountains of processed snack, junk and fast foods.  We sit around and watch television instead of getting up and walking to the park or grocery store.

In our society, it seems like it is a constant obsession to try to get fit yet all the time reverting back to the food and entertainment forms that are so prevalent. Every single family get together, every holiday, every celebration is centered on food and drink.  Most of the time gluttonous food and drink!

So, when we start to become unhappy with the way we look (no one associates their illness or sluggishness with food) we start cutting calories.  Every New Year the diet industry pulls out all the advertising plugs, because every New Year we resolve to lose all the weight we put on the years before.  Diet pills, replacement shakes, artificial sweeteners, surgeries, magazines and fad diets.  The problem is, these things all make our problem worse.  We may lose weight quickly at first but we lose muscle at the same time and then gain back all fat, which is not so good.

Then we are minus the muscle and plus more fat.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, look to people who have successfully done it.  You will notice that they did not use diet pills, meal replacement shakes or fad diets.

14 Proven ways to lose weight for good:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Eat all day long
  3. Drink more water
  4. Eat at home
  5. Eat whole foods
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Get a good night’s sleep
  8. Get moving
  9. Keep a journal
  10.  Eat some good, high quality protein
  11.  Take a vitamin supplement
  12.  Eat more vegetables
  13.  Give up the “c”‘s
  14.  Do a kitchen makeover and get the unhealthy foods that tempt you out of your house.

What do you think of skipping the fad diets?  Throw away the diet pills!  (You can throw away your sleeping pills at the same time!  2 for 1!)  Start eating healthy!

If you want to lose weight, eat more green vegetables and less simple carbohydrates.  Give up the “C”‘s – cakes, cookies, candy and chips!  Once those are out of your house and your life you WILL lose weight.

This is what you eat!

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Small amounts of high quality protein
  • Small amounts of healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado)

Quit going through that drive-thru and then come back and leave a comment (will probably take 24 hours) about how good you feel!

All my love,



Raw Nutrition – Blending and Juicing

What is the difference between blending and juicing?

Blenders retain everything from the food. 

They take the fiber and pulp and blend it all together.

Juicers separate the pulp from the juice and we drink the juice only.

When you first start out, juicing is a lot easier and gentler on your body.  Whether you are juicing to treat a health condition or just to stay healthy, you will experience a lot of detoxification.

If you are not used to all that fiber, the juice will still give you loads of energy.

When you advance, and if you enjoy the texture, go ahead and make smoothies.

When we juice green vegetables, we liberate the chlorophyll and our bodies immediately absorb it.  Chlorophyll is a detoxifier, deodorant and is an incredible healer of inner and topical inflammation and wounds.  The chlorophyll remakes our blood.  It is centered on magnesium and our blood is centered on iron.

You need to be careful to use simple juices if you are on a lot of medication.  If you are very sick, you will probably release toxins very quickly.  This will happen in the form of bowel movements.  Sometimes your liver dumps a lot of toxins.  Chlorophyll is a neutralizer of toxins and can deal with anything you have.  It is good for kidney, heart and liver conditions. Green juice is an amazing detoxifier.

Comment below with your experiences surrounding juicing and/or blending? Good or bad. Every experience is a learning experience toward healthy and wellness.

All my love,


Life’s Balance

Is your life feeling out of balance?

No matter what we use as criteria when it comes to experiencing balance in our lives, we have certain needs that need to be filled throughout our lives and the more balanced our fulfillment of these needs, the smoother our boat will sail and the closer to balance we will get.

IIN calls it primary foods

Maslow called it a hierarchy of needs

Anthony Robbins called it a wheel

I call it a pie.

Whatever we call it, it all comes down to balance. If our life is not in balance then we are in trouble.

Self actualization (morality, creativity, problem solving
learning, lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts
Esteem (self esteem, confidence, respect) 
Love and belonging (friendship, family and intimacy) 
Safety (security of body, health, family, property, employment, resources and morality) 
Physiological (breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion)

Everyone can rank these in a different order of importance. At the same time, we may each rank them differently at different times in our lives. What is certain? If one of the above is lacking and another is over emphasized, then we are out of balance.

Anthony Robbins does an exercise with a wheel representing career, physical, spiritual and financial. We have to rank each by “how it is going.” Visually we are able to see, for example, that we are doing great financially and physically, but perhaps not spiritually or career-wise. If we are out of balance, our wheel will not roll.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition calls it “primary foods.” Outside our triangle of nutrition is a circle that consists of relationship, spirituality, career and physical activity.

The truth is, we can fix what we eat.  We can eat more greens and get rid of processed foods, but if we don’t take care of the other areas of our life, we will still not experience balanced health and happiness. You can be completely healthy with your diet yet still feel imbalanced.

To help you see the topics more clearly, take a look at the following basic needs and ways of fulfillment.

Self Actualization (morality, creativity, problem solving, learning, lack of prejudice and an acceptance of facts)

  • Prayer, Thoughtfulness, Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Fun
  • Study
  • Spirituality
  • Contribution

Esteem (self esteem, confidence, respect)

  • Gratitude
  • Feelings

Love and Belonging (friendship, family and intimacy)

  • Relationship building
  • Caregiving
  • Forgiveness
  • Intimacy

Safety (security of body, health, family, property, employment, resources and morality)

  • Environmental safety
  • Health & well being
  • Job Security
  • Career growth
  • Financial empowerment
  • Environmental preservation
  • Ethics and morality

Physiological (breathing, environmental, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion)

  • Clean air, meditation, breathing exercise
  • Environmental impact on health and well being through design (ex. bringing nature into the home, healthy light, smart space)
  • Nutrition
  • PH Balance
  • Probiotics
  • Losing  weight
  • Better Digestion
  • Super foods
    • Acai
    • Algae
    • Aloe Vera
    • Bee Products
    • Cacao
    • Camu Camu Berry
    • Chlorella
    • Coconut
    • Goji Berries
    • Hempseed
    • Incan Berries
    • Kelp
    • Maca
    • Marine Phytoplankton
    • Noni
    • Yacon
  • Raw Nutrition
    • Juicing vs. Blending
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Sprouts
    • Grasses
    • Seaweed
    • Roots
    • Mushrooms
    • Recipes
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Water, the amount and cleanliness
  • Intimacy as a physical need
  • Amount and quality of sleep
  • Digestion
  • Bodily function, sight, hearing, pain
  • Cleansing
  • Illness and healing

We will be adding to this and focusing on each topic as total wellness.  Look forward to future blogs on each line item and broken down even further for more tips on how to improve the quality of our lives.

All my love,


Understanding and Coping with Feelings

Good morning world!  Today is a brand new chance to make a difference.

What is something that we all have, often don’t acknowledge and probably don’t fully understand?

The answer is feelings (I bet the giant hint above helped you with this answer!)

Almost all of us know when we have been cut, burned or scratched.  Physical feelings are pretty easy for all of us to ascertain.  It is emotional feelings that seem to baffle us the most.  We need to communicate our feelings and the fact that we don’t understand them makes it pretty difficult.  This leads to many of our communication problems; how can we eloquently communicate something we just don’t get?

Feelings are something that you are aware of through the mind or through the senses that is not connected with sight, hearing, taste, or smell.  

Sometimes we try to stop feeling when it is uncomfortable.  This can make us really tired and further confused.  Feelings need to be acknowledged, sometimes spoken and released. The Feeling Wheel (above) sits in black and white on my bookcase.  It is folded and tattered from lots of sharing, reading, transporting and love.  It helps us identify the layers of underlying feelings.  I was glad to find a prettier version of it on the internet.  I know it is from a book, but mine was just a copy with holes for a binder.  If anyone reading this knows of its origin, I would love to know!  This wheel is used by a lot of counselors because understanding our feelings leads to an even greater emotional health.

Once we understand a feeling, we can get to the next step to either create and enjoy the feeling, communicate it better, change the value that influenced it or to move on and change the situation to eliminate the cause of the bad feelings. This wheel is similar to a color wheel!  It shows the opposite feeling opposite ends of the wheel.  For example gratitude is a peaceful feeling and peaceful feelings are the opposite of scared.   This wheel is a great tool to use to get in touch with your true emotions!

Today, I am feeling thankful, cheerful, and full of love.



Health Coaching vs Nutritionist – What’s The Difference?

The Health Coach Difference

Health coaching is a relatively new profession, but the idea behind it is really rooted in how we, as human beings, operate. As a Health Coach, I help you work with your unique body, and take into consideration how everything in your life affects your health and wellness.

At the first glance, you may think what a Health Coach does is not much different from a conventional Nutritionist or Dietician, or a diet program. However, there are some subtle differences that make our approach superior in terms of creating positive changes that last – instead of delivering a Band-Aid solution.

 As a Health Coach:

  • I work with the concept of bio-individuality. My approach is client-driven. Instead of getting a one-size-fits-all meal plan based on a cookie-cutter approach or one fad diet, I create customized plans for my clients based on their individual circumstances, lifestyle habits, health condition and other needs.
  • I approach nutrition as “whole foods”, instead of compartmentalizing them into individual nutrients such as calories, carbs, proteins, fats etc. Why? Because the synergistic relationship among these various components when they are ingested in the form of whole foods deliver much more benefits than when they are taken as individual nutrients.
  • With my health coaching program, I work with my clients over several months with sessions that last 50-60 minutes.  I am able to be with them every step of the way so that we are able to look into lifestyle choices and work on changing habits, resulting in meaningful and positive behavioral changes that last for a long time, delivering long-term health benefits.
  • My coaching is goal-, action- and result-oriented. My approach focuses on implementation and integration, so that healthy changes are integrated into your life. We live in the age of information overload – you don’t need more information, you need to know which information to use and how to make them work for your life.
  • Instead of treating the symptoms, I work with my clients to get to the underlying causes of their health concerns. We look at how issues such as stress, emotional distress, physical activities, lack of “soul nourishment” etc. effect our overall wellbeing. I help my clients cultivate the awareness to improve all areas of their lives.
  • I support my clients to work with their body on healing itself so that they can eventually reduce the amount of medication that they rely on.
  • Instead of forcing my clients to stick to some “plan” which does not work for them, I first listen to my clients’ needs and concerns, then work with them to get over blocks or resistance, making any behavioral changes they make stick.

I am Your Health Advocate

As your Health Coach, I support you to live your life to the fullest. Working with me, you will get:

  • A plan of ACTION that is realistic, practical and actionable
  • GUIDANCE to implement changes that work with your lifestyle
  • SUPPORT to course correct and stay on track
  • ACCOUNTABILITY that leads to success that lasts a lifetime

What is Not Taking Action Costing You?

Chances are, if you invest in your health and wellness, you will recover your investment and more through savings in medications, doctor’s visits, unnecessary supplements, fad diets, ineffective treatments, as well as increased productivities and fewer sick days.

Plus, who can put a price on more vitality, less stress, better relationships, and a happier existence?


To find out if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to a FREE 30 minute Health Strategy Session during which we will discover how I can support you for a healthier, happier life.

The American Health Crisis

The Truth of the Matter…
It is no secret that there is a tragic epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and a hundred other preventive health issues in America.  “Every year healthcare costs increase while overall health decreases; people continue to eat poorly, gain weight and depend on medications and operations to maintain their health” (Rosenthal, 6).  This really gets me fired up, and with my arms in the air asking WHY?



There are a few reasons.

1) Lack of Fresh Foods/Time
Americans are all about convenience, right?  Fast food,  frozen dinners, take out, and pre-packaged foods.  We just simply don’t have time to cook healthy, homemade meals.  Or so we think.  The result of this lack of priority on fresh, healthy foods in our homes fuels this American Health Crisis unlike any other reason, in my personal and professional opinion.  In my own home, to solve the “time problem” for myself, I prepare all of the foods I buy when grocery shopping immediately when I return home from the market.  An hour or two of cooking and storing these meals in Tupperware saves an exorbitant amount of time throughout the week.  No worrying of what to cook for dinner each night, and no worrying of not feeling like putting that apron on and chopping some fresh veggies if you’ve had a long day!  It works perfectly for my household, and I truly suggest you consider implementing it into your life if you haven’t already.

2) Medicine
That’s the solution for everything in this country.  Everything.  Do I believe there’s no room at all for medicine in our culture?  I’m open-minded.  I’m not willing to say it doesn’t have its place in some instances.  But, I truly believe we’ve taken all of the responsibility off of our immune systems, and they are on permanent vacation!  Putting fewer toxins in our bodies, and allowing the beautiful machines that we live in work the way they were designed to will drastically change the health of our nation.  So, next time you get a cold, perhaps think twice before running to the Doctor to get an antibiotic. 

3)  No Prevention
This is huge!  We spend SO much money on fixing our health problems when they arise — but generally give no thought to spending time and money on preventing those health problems.  Think about how much money could be saved over a lifetime if prevention was a priority.  And, not just the money saved, but a much more enjoyable life along the way.

One Step at a Time…

If you take nothing else from this information, I hope you will consider making prevention a priority (if it isn’t already, of course!).  There are many routes to take in doing this.  My suggestions would be:

  • an accountability partner who feels the same about their health.
  • making a plan.  You are much more likely to follow through if there is a written plan in place.
  • getting assistance from a professional, or being a part of a group of individuals who can support you.

I invite you to look over a GREAT starting point — a 21 Days of Wellness program.  It’s extremely affordable (less than a night out to dinner and a movie!) and packs tons of information you can save forever, reuse, and share with your family. 

The program focuses on one particular topic each day of the week. Each day you will receive an email with tips and tools on that day’s topic, including an “assignment” related to the tips that will move you toward taking action and making changes.

Topics covered each week in this program:

  • Monday: Weight Management
  • Tuesday: Cravings
  • Wednesday: Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Thursday: Emotional Balance
  • Friday: Stress Management
  • Saturday: Mindset for Success
  • Sunday: Progress Check

Reserve Your Spot Here!

I wish you a wonderful weekend full of relaxation and loved ones. 

Talk with you very soon,

Jamie Jones
Owner of Obtainable Wellness


*Quote taken from Integrative Nutrition:  Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness by Joshua Rosenthal.

Fancy Meetin’ You…

I’ll jump right in….I’m crooked.  I saw my first Chiropractor today.  I was given the news that I have a gnarly case of scoliosis, due to my work in restaurants all throughout high school and college.  (Tip your servers well.  They literally ruin their bodies for you.  Seriously.)  So, with this news, I let some stranger make my neck and spinal cord sound like the 4th of July.  It was exhilarating and terrifying.

He showed me this incredible light-up chart that shows what part of the spinal cord affects what organs.  I obviously can’t share the awesome light effects with you, so you will have to settle for this plain, one dimensional photo.  Please forgive me.

Moral of the Story:  I’m addicted to Chiropractors.